Quality Assurance


AAPG has a commitment to consistently provide our clients with efficient, safe, and cost-effective products and services. We work hard to exceed expectations through innovative and viable solutions and superior quality assurance processes tailored to our client’s needs.

AAPG’s Quality Management System has been developed to ensure we provide quality service and products in a safe and effective manner. In order to accomplish this goal AAPG has established procedures to verify the work we perform meets the highest standards.

AAPG’s Quality Management System is continually updated and improved with new technology and experience to ensure the safety of our employees and to provide our customers with the best experience possible.


Every project follows our Project Management processes and is clearly defined with procedures reviewed, or developed as necessary, by our Quality Team. Projects are broken into individual tasks and these are analyzed in the pre-construction phase to ensure that all necessary quality checks are established. These items are reviewed with the client and then with the crew prior to commencing work. For each project an onsite representative is designated to be responsible for quality control.