Rousselle takes on Extremity Games 8

“I was robbed,” laughs Foreman Mike Rousselle, “I should have come in first.”

Rousselle is talking about his recent second place finish in wakeboarding at the Extremity Games 8, no mean feat as he just learned the sport at last year’s games.

“Actually, although I am very competitive, I am proud of my run which included clearing and riding the wake, and a 180.

The Extremity Games host athletes from all over the world who compete in extreme sports for adaptive athletes. Events include mountain biking, skateboarding, powerlifting, kayaking, rock climbing, and wakeboarding, as well as clinics in these sports and mixed martial arts.

“It’s a higher level of intensity and competition,” says Mike Rousselle, “These are people who have had to overcome the loss of a limb. It’s about your personal will; you could try and give up or you can keep trying until you succeed.”

Rousselle’s local training in Mixed Martial Arts gave him the confidence to try a new experience.

“I started to do it (martial arts) just for the conditioning but thought I would get my ass kicked. I thought, if I can’t do it, I will scale down from there, but I was not going to start with low expectations. Now I know I can do it and people don’t hold back with me, I like that.”

Rousselle attended Extremity Games 7 last year, competing in wakeboarding and attending a clinic for mixed martial arts. This year, he was able to take his family with him through fundraising spearheaded by the Cranbrook office.

“My daughter was really excited to come along this year. She is only nine but athletic like her dad,” says Rousselle.

“I want to thank everyone who helped raise money for my trip. We were able to pay for almost everything for all my family, which was really important to me.”

What’s next for Rousselle? Relaxing apparently, but Rousselle’s idea of taking it easy is different than most people.

“I’m looking to relax a bit. More wakeboarding for sure, mountain biking, and I might try to surf behind a boat – nothing too extreme.”