Powerlines & Police Dogs

Arctic Arrow Powerline Group is a full service transmission and distribution powerline contractor and police dog training centre? Nope, that isn’t a typo; Arctic Arrow has joined forces with the RCMP, offering the Cranbrook and Sparwood yards as a place to train their police dogs.

Corporal Phil Sullivan, a dog handler with the RCMP, says the partnership is perfect timing as they recently lost their training grounds in Cranbrook and the yard will work for their needs.

“The yard is a great training ground, it’s large enough to hide items for retrieval, has different obstacles with its many buildings and equipment, and will help socialize the new pups,” says Cpl. Sullivan.

Regional Manager Mike Honeyman was more than happy to step up and help out.
“We value being involved in the community and working with the RCMP’s training program,” says Honeyman, “These dogs are used all over Canada and are responsible for many search and rescue finds, suspect apprehensions, and narcotics searches. We are willing to assist with that in any way we can.”

Cpl. Sullivan says there are two types of dogs that he will be working with in the yard – veterans and pups. The veteran police dogs, like his current partner Rambo, need regular training to exercise their skills and the puppies need familiarizing and socialization.

“These dogs are trained in all things, from finding an avalanche victim to chasing a suspect or finding drugs, so we work with them daily to keep them in top shape,” says Cpl. Sullivan.

Although handlers only work exclusively with one fully training dog, Rambo is retiring and Cpl. Sullivan will be continuing his work with his new german shepherd.